3d-imaging3D imaging technology was specifically designed to help dentists provide more accurate treatment for patients.The precision provided by 3D imaging allows us to diagnose different dental issues using undistorted, clear, one-to-one images. Our patients benefit by having the utmost confidence in their diagnosis.

With 3D imaging, we have the ability improve your treatment planning, and achieve more consistent results for you. Thanks to the clear image provided, we can show you the anatomy of your teeth to allow you to better understand your oral health. Dr. Sattar will explain what you’re looking at in the image, which helps build trust and establishes a stronger bond between you and our dentist.

The process is also very quick. You simply sit back, relax, and within under a minute, the scan is completed! The imaging software does all of the “heavy lifting”. We have every view/angle that we need from just a single scan. We use 3D imaging from Sirona, which allows us to also develop a customized treatment plan for you based on what we find from your scan.

We chose Sirona 3D imaging because their radiation exposure is significantly lower than other 3D dental brands, and as much as 100 times less than a traditional CT scan used at hospitals. In fact, our 3D imaging uses less than half the radiation as a traditional dental film x-ray.

Experience this safer and more effective dental imaging technology when you visit the office of Dr. Sattar in Sterling, Virginia. Call us today at 703-450-9723 to schedule an appointment!