model-2CEREC is a popular method that has been used by thousands of dentists throughout the world since 1987 for dental restorations such as fillings and dental crowns. At the family dental office of Dr. Sattar, we use CEREC crowns to restore teeth that are decayed, weakened, or broken. CEREC crowns give us a quicker and more efficient way to place dental crowns for our valued patients in Sterling, Virginia and throughout Northern VA.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is actually an acronym:

  • Chairside: The technology is used in the office, while you’re sitting in a chair
  • Economical: It is a cost effective, economical procedure for both the dentist and the patient
  • Restorations: It is used to restore teeth to their natural state and functionality
  • Ceramic: The material used for the restorations is a strong, high quality, tooth colored ceramic

CEREC Crown Process

We begin by examining your tooth/teeth to determine an effective treatment plan. You may need a filling, or a full crown. Then, we will apply anesthetic and prepare your tooth for the restoration by removing any decay.

Once the tooth is prepared, we will take an optical impression of your tooth. We do this by coating the tooth with a tasteless powder. Then we use a camera to take a digital image of the tooth. This only takes one or two minutes.

We use the CEREC machine to help create the restoration. The CEREC 3D software converts the digital image into a 3D model on the computer screen. Then we are able to use that 3D model to design your restoration. After a few minutes, we send the completed restoration design to a separate milling machine in our office. Ten to twenty minutes later, your new tooth colored restoration is completed and ready to be bonded in place.

CEREC Crowns In Sterling, Virginia

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