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Do Your Fillings Need to be Replaced?

Fillings are used in dentistry to stop tooth decay from spreading, fix cracked and/or broken teeth, or help stabilize teeth that are worn down. These issues can happen due to improper use of teeth such as teeth grinding, using your teeth to open things and/or excessive brushing.

Because fillings are so important towards maintaining good oral health, replacing your fillings when need be is a vital part of a good oral health plan. The life of a filling on average is 12 years; however, fillings can fall out or need replacement much sooner than this. Others however, can last for several years. […]

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Are Fastbraces Dangerous?

Lets face it, everyone wants straight teeth. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but there are other great benefits to having straight teeth. Some benefits are

Improved eating
Teeth protection
Less stress on the teeth when chewing because there’s no uneven impact on certain teeth
Social benefits such as restored confidence

Fastbraces are a great way to […]

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